Sylvia Schwenk - 'Performosis' and the expanded field of performance art 

Performance art and life are intrinsically linked: live moments are the central fulcrum of performance art and everyday life; and performance is essentially at the heart of all human activity, including performance art.  This interrelationship between everyday life and performance art places participatory performance art in a unique position because everybody already performs, for some part of everyday. My thesis and the participatory works of performance art that I direct in shared public spaces look at how participatory works of performance art and I call performosis a time-dependent process where everyday people become performers in a participatory performance art, and spectators and passers-by performing their everyday activities become active parts in the performance that is being performed in public spaces - can be used to build relationships and have social outcomes. This paper also looks at the multidimensionality of performance art, arguing to extend the definition of performance art to include the originary live work and what I call re-live works of art, such as photographs, videos, texts, installations, reperformances created in response to the live performance, and experiences, relationships, oral stories and/or memories that are created from performing in participatory works of performance art . Every re-presentation of performance art presents a different experience with different outcomes, in different contexts, for different audiences, mirroring the repetition of activities we perform in our everyday lives. 

Copyright: Sylvia Schwenk