birds and clouds from one life to another, 2011-12

Over 300 people came together on a German/Dutch border town to watch and participate in birds and clouds from one life to another.

During the socially engaged event, three model plane clubs from Germany and Holland flew as a large group, echoing the flights and movement of birds. Schwenk and Dicke also led the audience in origami workshops, folding small paper cranes and creating large crane sculptures, which were later ‘flown’ over the green fields. The Model plane performance, Origami workshop, and Flight of the cranes were choreographed and performed to music written for the project.  

This project includes: an interactive installation with a 3 channel film (viewers fold origami cranes while watching the films); a 2 channel film; a series of photographs, and a book.

Origami crane performance 

Interactive installation with 3 channel film (3 min loop)

Origami Workshop (channel I)
Origami crane sculptures (channel II)
Flight of the cranes (channel III)

Model plane performance

2 channel film (29 minute loop) 

Model plane performance - Rehearsal (channel I)
Model plane performance (channel II)