'connect' installation: how is it interactive?

The installation configuration of 'connect' is conducive to building relationships. The installation of the mult-channel work is flexible and dependent upon the space and digital equipment available – ranging from larger than life projection to screenings on ipads (see images below from solo exhibition in Australia and preview of work at artist residency).

The installation is specifically tailored for your needs and the number of films that are screened can be varied as required.

Generally, each work is screened as a loop on a dedicated projector or screen with associated seating:

  • When a film is screened with the sound played out loud there will be 2 speakers and an amp, together with lots of comfortable seating that is conducive of community – such as bean-bags, cubes or cardboard seats instead of chairs with backs.
  • For each film not played out loud, it is recommended that the sound is split via an audio splitter that goes to 4 headphones. This creates an intimate connective space. People sit together and are joined in a small configuration of a semi-circle. They are also joined by their headphone cables.

The project is interactive in a number of ways:

  • Viewers choose the film that is screening the question(s) they would like to see answered, for example ‘What makes you happy?’ They then ask themselves this question before they start watching the film and/or as they watch the work. The viewer then sees the different people who think like they do- including people of different ages (3 to 94), gender, socio-economic backgrounds, cultures and/or religions (aetheism to Islam).. This allows the viewer to see themselves in others and offers a way to start connecting.
  • The viewer thinks about the project after the films are finished and talks about this with other people.
  • As mention above, the installation configuration of 'connect' is conducive to building relationships (see images below).

Possible installation configurations:

Installation view I - one film played out loud and 2 films played on adjoining walls with headsets in a non-darkened space.

  Installation view II: one film played out loud and 2 films played on adjoining walls with headsets in a darkened space.

Installation view III -  (Preview) film screening on an ipad with audio splitters.

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