Along white lines, 2011-12
Along white lines, 2011-12, 2 channel film with sound 5 mins

Along white lines is a project that joins socially engaged performance art with sport and community. This work was performed during half time at a football grand final by over 400 football fans.

At the start of the performance –  when people dressed in white jogged onto the field in a single file and started to become the white lines on the field and the goalposts –  the football fans were somewhat unsure of the work. Some of the audience joined in, but many more watched. There were even moments when some of the children on the field tried to kick balls at the performers.

As the performance continued there was a transformation and the audience embraced the work, running onto the field to lie Along white lines completely covering the lines of the centre square.

This project is re-presented as 2 single channel film with sound, a series of photographs, and a book.

Here is a soft copy of the book.

Schwenk, Book Along white lines, 2012 .pdf Schwenk, Book Along white lines, 2012 .pdf
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